Love Thy Neighbour Ministries

Ishmael is the name God spoke (Gen 16:11).
As God’s children, we need to pray for their salvation,
Do you know the Bible records that God heard the cry of the child (Gen 21:17).
The verse also says God was with the child (Gen 21:20).
Two billion people on our earth are Ishmaelites by faith.
It is our duty to stand in the gap and pray against Satan’s plan and uphold the prayers to open the eyes of true understanding to Ishmaelites so that the Gospel of Christ l will reach them.
God gave me the burden to pray for the Ishmaelites and through His powerful way God gave me an open door in Saudi Arabia at the end of May 2023.
I went there with prayer and God’s word and accomplished God’s command with the spiritual help of prayer warriors.
Glory to God…
Thank you all for your lovely prayers and support…
May God bless you…