Light does not penetrate into darkness but makes the darkness weak and inactive.
Such was the commission given by God the Father to the Lord Jesus Christ. This was revealed by the prophet Isaiah(Isa 42:6).

Jesus Christ has revealed that I am the light of the world and we are also called the light of the world
(Jh 8:12,Matt 5:12-14).

February 2022 During my prayer God showed me a lamp post and said it is a sign you should go to this place.

The Word of God came to me and commanded me to encourage God’s children and God said my servant had made prayer for the light of the world in Austin TX and awakened the chosen to pray for the light to dispel the darkness in the world. I do not know who is the man of God who made prayer but I believe I will join with him in spirit.

Then I searched Google for the lamp post that God showed me in vision. I was amazed to find that what God showed me in a vision was in Memorial Round Rock Park TX.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ God have a purpose for you. Participate in the kingdom of God.
God has given it the name The Light Mission.

By the grace of God, I am getting ready in prayer to fulfill this prayer mission.

I seek your prayer support. Amen