Love Thy Neighbour Ministries

Peace Mission (Korean Peninsula)

You should see two important points on the world map. One is Israel in the Middle East another is the Korean Peninsula.
If there is any situation in any of these two areas that is against the peace of the people, it will affect the whole world and all the people.
The Lord Jesus Christ said that he has left peace on earth, so we are God’s children and it is our duty to pray for God’s peace.
God commanded me to pray for apeace in the Korean Peninsula. Accordingly, God helped me to go to South Korea and pray for peace in the Korean Peninsula. Together with me, the men of God who are praying and working together for the peace, unity and revival of that peninsula.
The devil has no power to bar the doors of the gospel, and no man has the power, as we have inherited the door of salvation that the Lord gave on the cross to all men.
Therefore, against the fact that the door of salvation is closed in the land of North Korea, God has blessed me with the opportunity to pray for peace and the gospel from the border of the land and to proclaim the good news of salvation to everyone who created in the image of God.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the children of God who have helped to fulfil this wonderful mission of God.
It is God’s glory that qualifies the unworthy me to do His work
All Glory to God